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Our Story

1981: Tosi Renzo, Tosi Mario and Tosi Serafino buy Minuteria Meccanica Valsesiana s.n.c. owned by Topini Eugenio in the town of Scopa. The company had three mechanical multi-spindle machines and ten single-spindle lathes.
1988: Computerization of the company with the installation of the AS400 software.
1992: : Improvement of the machine fleet with a total of eight mechanical multi-spindle and two single-spindle cam lathes.
2003: Achieving of a great goal with the purchase of the first NC multi-spindle lathe (MoriSay 6-26).
2006: The new MMV plant moves to the factory area in the town of Scopa. Larger spaces, modern structures and introduction of two cam multi-spindles lathes lead to a considerable increase of the workflow.
2007: Purchase of a new cutting-edge NC multi-spindle lathe (Gildemeister GMC35 CNC ISM).
2008: Purchase of an NC single-spindle lathe (Gildemeister Sprint) and of an NC multi-spindle lathe (MoriSay 6-26)
2009: Purchase of a new metal degreasing machine that considerably reduces toxic emissions.
2011: Purchase of a second NC single-spindle lathe (Proteo 45) and new enlargement of the plant.
2012: Logistic reorganization of the warehouse area and extension of the machine fleet with the acquisition of a Gnutti transbar lathe. Publishing of


MMV - Minuteria Meccanica Valsesiana s.r.l.
Via Varallo 2, 13027 Scopa (Vc)